Peatlands and the Project Explained

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Why does this project focus on Ireland’s peatlands?

Ireland's peatlands cover almost 21% of national land area, and include a variety of raised and blanket bogs, fens, and heath. Peatlands and People aims to implement restoration and rehabilitation measures on 78,000hectares (improvements across upwards of 9,900ha of peatlands will be supported within the project itself, in conjunction with complementary action over circa 28,100ha of peatlands and 40,000ha of grasslands). Restoring and rehabilitating the peatlands will ensure that the bogs can in the long-term act as carbon stores and reduce the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. In doing so, this will support multiple ecosystem service benefits - providing new habitats for species of conservation interest, improving downstream water quality and increasing flood attenuation by slowing water release.

This theme is carried through the Just Transition Accelerator and the People's Discovery Attraction pillars. The peatlands will function as a carbon tool, but also as a model to inspire behaviour change and ensure a just transition with economic and social benefits for communities.