Peatlands and the Project Explained

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How are peatlands restored and rehabilitated?

Peatlands rehabilitation and restoration are two different things. Restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of peatland ecosystems that have been degraded, typically through drainage. These peatlands are sufficiently unaltered to be able to restore them to a more natural state by rewetting.

Rehabilitation usually involves some form of rewetting as well as management to ensure revegetation occurs. Typically, other non-peat habitats develop (such as woodland, fen, reedbeds and lakes) as the environment is so different from the original peatland. It is hoped that some of these areas will return to peatland ecosystems in time.

Peatlands and People will be using a number of techniques to restore and/or rehabilitate peatlands across the project sites. The techniques used will depend on the status of the site.

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