Peatlands Excellence

A network of peatland sites will be established to explore best practices in restoration and rehabilitation and design robust methodologies to monitor and analyse carbon storage.

Our peatlands catalyst

Peatlands and People will carry out significant peatlands restoration and rehabilitation in Ireland's midlands, bringing together best practices and monitoring and analysing carbon storage in the peatlands.

Learnings from the network of sites on peatland ecosystems, climate change mitigation and adaption, biodiversity and water will be shared. Over time the restored and rehabilitated peatlands are expected to store more carbon, improve water quality and support multiple other benefits.


  • Peatland Network

    Develop a network of peatlands that are restored, rehabilitated and/or managed to the best possible condition for climate action and other ecosystem services.

  • Knowledge Excellence

    Generate collaborative knowledge and management capability in protecting peatlands from challenges anticipated with climate change.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Monitor and quantify exchanges of carbon and other benefits arising from project actions.

  • Peatland Park

    Establish best management practices through demonstration sites, web resources and training.

Expected Results


Ecosystem Restoration

Restoration and/or rehabilitation on +9,900ha with the aim of increasing carbon storage.


Improved Air Quality

Measurable reduction of emissions, greenhouse gases and improvement in air quality.


Best Practice Guide

Guidelines for the delivery of enhanced rehabilitation and restoration measures.


Demonstration & Research Sites

Establishment of long-term (post-project) sites to track various ecosystem service benefits.


Enhanced & Shared Knowledge

Improved knowledge of peatland rehabilitation, restoration and management practices.

Specific Project Actions

Implementation Actions

  • Investigation, assessment and selection of suitable sites
  • Preparation of restoration and rehabilitation plans
  • Development of drainage management plans
  • Review of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of restoration and rehabilitation works

Monitoring and Complementary Actions

  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Hydrological monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring
  • Further reductions in GHGs as more peatlands in Ireland are restored/rehabilitated via complementary actions