People's Discovery Attraction

An immersive, inspiring and magical attraction, introducing visitors to the importance of climate action, peatlands, carbon, biodiversity, renewable energy and behaviour change.

Our social and cultural catalyst

The long-term aim is to establish a space for dialogue and discovery and accelerate social, cultural and collective sustainable action.

A People's Discovery Attraction will be developed where the public and other stakeholders will be educated about our peatlands and their impact on climate change. Visitors will experience ethical, sustainable and responsible initiatives, activities, events, workshops and exhibits along with opportunities for training, work experiences and volunteering.


  • Biggest Living Bog

    Create a living bog park, off-road trails and gardens to cultivate connections, curiosity and confidence in nature.

  • Co-create Change

    Work together with communities and stakeholders to develop an immersive and accessible Attraction.

  • Climate Literacy

    Educate stakeholders and visitors to produce a climate-literate society leading to long-term behavioural change.

Expected Results


Attraction Analysis

A fully developed business plan for the Attraction with a quantitated market analysis.


Tracks & Trails

An outline of all feasible options and measures for paths, bog bridges, boardwalks and car parks at key sites.


Site Secured

Confirmed site and development consent secured for the Attraction.


Final Plan

Detailed masterplan for the Attraction, which can act as a blueprint for other initiatives.

Specific Project Actions

Implementation Actions

  • Develop a business plan and establish an operational entity
  • Site screening and assessment for the site of the Just Transition Accelerator and People's Discovery Attraction
  • Review of visitor facilitation at selected sites
  • Stakeholder, partnerships and stewardship strategies
  • Final site selection and development consent

Complementary Actions

  • Sustainable construction of the People's Discovery Attraction, including the programme, collections and exhibits.
  • Operate and maintain a sustainable tourist and educational attraction which delivers a highly immersive visitor experience.