Implementing Change

Helping deliver on Ireland’s Climate Action Plan to see our landscapes and our lives transition and transform before our eyes to a sustainable society.

What is a LIFE integrated project?

The LIFE programme is the European Union’s (EU) funding instrument for the environment and climate action created in 1992.

Integrated projects are strategic projects supporting EU Member States to achieve full implementation of Strategies or Action Plans required by the EU environmental and climate legislation. They are implemented at national or regional scales, involving relevant authorities and very significant budgets from several EU and national sources, lasting for 6-10 years on average.

Under the sub-programme for climate action, these large-scale projects implement plans, strategies or roadmaps primarily in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Ireland's Climate Action Plan is one such plan.

Implemented in three phases

The first phase of the project up to March 2023 mostly involves preparatory actions around the three pillars: Peatlands Excellence, the Just Transition Accelerator and the Discovery Attraction.

The second phase (2023-25) will see the initiation of the restoration and rehabilitation work, the launch of the Accelerator programme and the finalisation of the Attraction design.

The final phase (2025-27) will ensure its successful delivery and establish follow-on actions to allow for the work to continue post-project.

Complementary actions will be planned to further enhance the transferability, replicability and long-term sustainability of Peatlands and People's outcomes and to assist with the implementation of the entire Climate Action Plan.

Follow-on actions are expected to lead to:

  • Furthering Excellence

    Restoration and rehabilitation of more peatlands across Ireland and improved monitoring and measuring of greenhouse gas (GHG) sources and sinks.

  • Accelerator Expansion

    Growth of the Accelerator, stimulating actions related to decarbonisation across multiple sectors and replicating it to generate jobs and attract investment.

  • Attraction Progression

    Construction of the Attraction and establishment of the peatlands tracks and trails, offering an opportunity to experience our rich and diverse culture and history.

The Peatlands and People project supports five sections of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan (2019):

  • Agriculture, forestry and land use
  • Citizen engagement, community leadership and just transition
  • Expertise
  • Public sector leading by example
  • Waste and the circular economy

Learn more about how the project links to the Climate Action Plan.

Specific Project Actions

Implementation Actions

  • Investigation, assessment and selection of suitable sites
  • Preparation of restoration and rehabilitation plans
  • Development of drainage management plans
  • Review of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of restoration and rehabilitation works

Monitoring and Complementary Actions

  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Hydrological monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring
  • Further reductions in GHGs as more peatlands in Ireland are restored/rehabilitated via complementary actions