Just Transition Accelerator

A new programme for innovation will focus on low-carbon and circular economies to support the region economically.

Our economic catalyst

Peatlands and People will develop an Accelerator programme for systemic innovation focused on low-carbon and circular economies.

The Accelerator will provide a range of supports to SMEs to encourage the development of ideas into new products, services and enterprises. It will aspire to evolve so as to provide an incubator infrastructure to help businesses to test and adopt ideas and technologies for a Just Transition.

Accelerate Green is the first Irish accelerator dedicated to scaling companies leading the response to climate action and sustainability by developing products and services based on green innovation. The first cohort completed the programme in 2022, presenting at the final showcase "Ireland's Sustainable Future" in June 2022. For more information on the second programme which launched in September 2022, and is accepting applications, please see: accelerategreen.ie


  • Business Accelerator

    Develop an ecosystem for low-carbon solutions, bio-based products and circular economies.

  • Stakeholder Diversity

    Co-design and co-deliver the insights, innovation and inventions relating to the possibilities of peatlands.

  • Economic Growth

    Create new economies and jobs through the successful delivery of the Accelerator model.

Expected Results


Accelerator Developed

A Just Transition Accelerator model for the midlands in Ireland.


Low-carbon Roadmap

Roadmap on approaching a low carbon economy for the midlands to influence and inform other regions.


Circular Economy

Growth of low-carbon, bio-based, circular economy companies.


Expansion of Model

Additional funding, partnerships and support in collaboration with the Experience.

Specific Project Actions

Implementation Actions

  • Investigation, assessment and selection of suitable sites
  • Preparation of restoration and rehabilitation plans
  • Development of drainage management plans
  • Review of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of restoration and rehabilitation works

Monitoring and Complementary Actions

  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Hydrological monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring
  • Further reductions in GHGs as more peatlands in Ireland are restored/rehabilitated via complementary actions