11 Nov 2022

A recent report by the Stockholm International Water Institute highlights the essential role of freshwater management in climate mitigation actions.

Many of the transformations needed to reach climate emissions neutrality depend upon a reliable access to freshwater, and will have a significant impact on freshwater resources and/or ecosystems. Functioning freshwater systems are essential for climate mitigation through measures such as restoration of degraded ecosystems (including peatlands). Proper water management, can significantly avoid and reduce emissions of carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide, emanating from mismanaged or drained wetlands.

One of the first steps in rehabilitating peatlands is often ensuring water levels are at the optimum level to rewet the peaty soils and encourage vegetation like sphagnum mosses to regrow. For more information on rewetting peatlands visit our FAQ page, "Peatlands and the Project Explained".

The full report is available here: https://siwi.org/publications/essential-drop-to-net-zero-unpacking-freshwaters-role-in-climate-change-mitigation-report/

The Water Forum have commissioned research on the potential impacts of climate change on water quality and quantity in Ireland, and ae launching an upcoming podcast and video panel discussion with the researchers on their findings.

Keep an eye on the Water Forum website for more details: https://www.thewaterforum.ie/