04 May 2023

Ireland's Sustainable Future Conference 2023 is gearing up to be one of the most important events in the country's sustainability calendar, with a diverse range of speakers who will share their expertise on a variety of topics. From climate change to biodiversity, the conference will explore the most pressing environmental issues facing Ireland and the world, and and showcase the innovative solutions that can help to create a sustainable future for all.

Three keynote speakers have recently been announced who will share their insights and expertise on different topics related to sustainability. The keynote speakers announced are Tom Donnellan, CEO of Bord na Mona, Dr. Cara Augustenborg, environmental scientist and climate policy expert at University College Dublin, and Stephen Kinsella, Professor of Economics at University of Limerick.

The conference is part of the Bord na Mona-led initative Accelerate Green, Ireland's first climate scaling accelerator supported by Resolve partners which aims to support innovation and speed up the transition to a low-carbon economy.

LIFE IP Peatlands and People will be present at the conference to share insights on the importance of restoring Ireland's peatlands and grow conversations around each of the projects three pillars (ecological, economic, cultural and social). Accelerate Green is partially supported by Life IP Peatlands and People and acts as the project's economic catalyst to support resilient green economies and communities in Ireland's midlands.

The conference will also feature a range of panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage with experts in climate and innovation and to learn more about the companies who have completed the Accelerate Green 2023 programme.

With expert speakers and engaging sessions, the conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn, network, and contribute to the discussion on how we can create a more sustainable future for all.

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