06 May 2021

A two month public consultation on the mid-term review of the National Peatlands Strategy has been launched. The purpose of the mid-term review is to provide a broad assessment of where the Strategy currently is, what it can achieve over the next five years, and, where necessary, to propose changes to the actions set out in the Strategy to refocus it in line with its overall goals and the current context. The mid-term review proposes that the actions set out in the National Peatlands Strategy be updated into a new Implementation Plan (included in the mid-term review document), which focuses on refining outstanding actions and prioritising measurable, achievable objectives.

Closing date for receipt of submissions is 5.30 pm on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

For more information see: https://www.npws.ie/peatlands-and-turf-cutting/peatlands-council/national-peatlands-strategy