12 Nov 2021

A full two weeks of peatlands related activities and presentations took place as part of COP26 at the Peatlands Pavilion.

Some of the key messages from Ireland's Peatlands Gathering 2021 were presented on 10 November. Peatlands and People had contributed to the initial event in November, with Dr Christine Domegan (leading Pillar 3 the People's Discovery Attraction) presenting. The official event report can be downloaded on the website: https://www.peatlandsgathering.com/

Dialogue towards a European Peatland Initiative on 12 November was opened by Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcom Noonan, who introduced the various peatlands initiatives happening in Ireland, including LIFE IP Peatlands and People. View the full speech here: https://www.malcolmnoonan.com/post/cop26-speech-on-peatland-restoration-delivered-by-minister-noonan

National Parks and Wildlife Service ecologist Dr Maurice Eakin (who is contributing to the Peatlands and People project under Pillar 1 Peatlands Excellence) also provided an overview of their work on peatland conservation and restoration. The project is benefitting hugely from the experience and expertise of organisations in Ireland such as the NPWS who have been working on rehabilitating and restoring our bogs for many years now.

The enthusiasm and passion shown by attendees across the two weeks was incredible. Hopefully there will be more exciting peatlands news and initiatives as a result!

The virtual pavilion with recorded presentations is still available online: https://globalpeatlands.online/PeatlandPavilionCOP26Registration