01 Jul 2024

The Peat Hub Ireland Peatland Glossary comprises over 120 terms listed alphabetically relating to the sustainable management of peatlands in Ireland. The glossary is a living text which aims to provide access to up-to-date information, build shared understanding and communicate new scientific knowledge and discovery about peatlands.

Check out some of the Peat Hub Ireland Glossary terms below!

Agricultural peat soils

Areas of peatland used for agriculture such as livestock or crop production.

PHI Researcher Survey

Air quality

Air quality is a measure of how polluted the air is. A range of air pollutants is emitted when peat is used as a fuel for electricity generation or for home heating, including fine particulate matter which can penetrate deep into the lungs and airways with direct impacts on human health.

DAHG, 2015


A pungent colorless gaseous alkaline compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that is very soluble in water and can easily be condensed to a liquid by cold and pressure.

Merriam Webster, 2024


The absence of oxygen.

DCHG, 2017


Resulting from or produced by human activities.

IPCC, 2023