22 Mar 2024

The Peat Hub Ireland Peatland Glossary comprises over 120 terms listed alphabetically relating to the sustainable management of peatlands in Ireland. The glossary is a living text which aims to provide access to up-to-date information, build shared understanding and communicate new scientific knowledge and discovery about peatlands. Definitions were collated from a variety of national, European and international sources, as well as submissions from a survey of Irish peatland researchers carried out in 2023.

Knowledge and understanding of peatlands is ever-evolving and peatland research spans a variety of disciplines, sectors and types of knowledge, including ecology, hydrology, soil, atmosphere, archaeology, policy, law, economics, environmental justice, heritage, history, agriculture, and local knowledge. Each academic discipline and stakeholder group employs specific technical and scientific language and some terms may not be defined or used consistently across sectors and academic disciplines. Terminology and definitions relating to peatlands are an ongoing area of scientific discussion and debate so if you would like to propose changes or make a contribution to the Peatland Glossary, you can do so at the link below.

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