01 Dec 2021

The third Pillar of the LIFE IP Peatlands and People project, the People's Discovery Visitor Experience is about greening Ireland and the world. The People’s Discovery Visitor Experience cares about humans living in harmony with nature, bringing an urgency and agency and “We make a difference”.

The People’s Discovery Visitor Experience mission is to be a flagship for sustainable living to help people make sense of climate change and sustainability so they can be the change agents in their own lives, their families, communities and workplaces, opening the door to a new sustainable world for all.

The People’s Discovery Visitor Experience purpose is to be:

  • A major visitor attraction with an iconic visual and sensory structure, synonymous with its Greening Ireland mission and reflecting deep insight into location and purpose.
  • A place of fun, for physical, mental, and spiritual connection to the natural world, to self and to others.
  • A place of eternal energy – story telling from our past and our future that will draw in large numbers of people from all age groups and from home and abroad.
  • A driver of economic development, local employment and renewal for Irelands Hidden Heartlands.
  • A memorable name and unique positioning – welcoming, natural, everybody, and possibility – the future of Ireland.
  • A major events facility for entertainment, conferences, festivals and gatherings.
  • An accessible and inclusive space with a carbon positive footprint to drive adoption and behaviour change.
  • A social enterprise, inviting public, commercial, and non-profit partners from a variety of economic sectors (e.g. food, agriculture, transport, energy, tourism, construction) to demonstrate new innovations and engage with the public and
  • A foundation for learning, research, training and development - for families, schools, community groups and workplaces - contributing to a global network of change makers.

For more information and upcoming events and opportunities to engage with Pillar 3, please see the Get Involved page on our project website.