08 Apr 2021

A Peatland Management Research Report, commissioned by An Fóram Uisce, has been launched today along with a Synthesis Report. The report provides guidance on how peatlands management can be reimagined in order to optimise water quality improvements while delivering co-benefits for climate mitigation and biodiversity.

It covers topics including: Rewetting peatlands; Carbon cycling in intact, degraded and rewetted peatlands; Cultural ecosystem services and social values of peatlands; Alternative management options for degraded peatlands; Strategic guidance and resources for integrated peatlands management.

“Rewetting has been shown to be an important management technique to improve water quality, reduce GHG emissions, improve carbon sequestration, and promote biodiversity. Healthy peatlands help provide natural filtration processes to clean water and reduce the quantity of water entering rivers and lakes; they help regulate the global climate and mitigate climate change; they support unique flora and fauna; and provide multiple social and cultural services to society.”

For more information see: https://www.thewaterforum.ie/peatlands-research-report-launched-today-optimising-water-quality-returns-from-peatlands-management-while-delivering-co-benefits-for-biodiversity-and-climate-mitigation/