15 Feb 2023

Last week saw the launch of Accelerate Green 2023, a climate-positive scaling accelerator designed to boost green innovation in Ireland. Accelerate Green, which brought two successful cohorts through its programmes in 2022, is supported by Peatlands and People and acts as the project's economic catalyst to further a just transition in Ireland's midlands.

Eight sustainable start-ups have been selected to participate in this year's programme. Together, the companies employ more than 70 people and have a combined turnover of over €5 million.

Company Name: CW Applied Technology

HQ: Shannon

Overview: CW Applied Technology offers a range of services including Advanced Creative Design, Agile Manufacturing, Fulfilment, Sourcing Solutions, Product and Process Debug, Process Management and Value Added Services, to facilitate successful electronic innovation for their clients. They also have their own designed and manufactured product offerings in disinfection and air cleansing based on Germicidal UV Irradiation.

Company Name: Hibra Design

HQ: Cork

Overview: Hibra Design is the first and only Irish automotive design engineering company. They develop clean technology powertrain systems allowing fossil-fuel powered vehicles to be re-engineered with Battery Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems. Hibra Design supports industrial vehicle operators reduce operational costs, produce healthier working environments and and increase production efficiency.

Company Name: NanobOx

HQ: Dublin

Overview: NanobOx is bringing to market highly energy-efficient water treatment technology that will increase the productivity and sustainability of crop cultivation and land-based aquaculture and will have application in any managed bio-process that requires addition of oxygen to the process media such as biological wastewater treatment and industrial fermentation.

Company Name: HaPPE Earth

HQ: Cork

Overview: HaPPE Earth champions sustainability and the circular economy by aiming to bring together CE approved, compostable PPE products with a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) impact measurement tool for healthcare, and a medical waste industrial composting solution.

Company Name: EC Charging

HQ: Kildare

Overview: EC Charging is a well-established manufacturer of EV charging equipment based in Dublin, Ireland. Designing, developing, building, installing and maintaining smart EV charging systems. Coming from a background providing solar-powered, traffic management equipment to the transport sector, they made the decision in 2008 to transition into the E-mobility industry with the mission to enable the delivery of a clean, renewable fuel source to the transport sector. EC Charging believes the key to EV adoption is the ease of access to safe, reliable, user-friendly charging equipment at home, work and on the move.

Company Name: Trinity Green Energies

HQ: Waterford

Overview: Trinity Green Energies (TGE) specialise in the capture, storage, and utilisation of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. TGE aim to be the leading inventor and integrator of sustainable and affordable technologies for the capture, storage and utilisation of carbon dioxide using renewable energy

Company Name: HUB360

HQ: Kildare

Overview: HUB360 is a software platform that optimises the load planning, load fulfilment, routing of the loads & delivery of sales orders, for companies that use their own delivery fleet or use third party hauliers to deliver their goods on their behalf. This platform is a proven end-to-end digital management system for order processing from when the order is created to delivery, using intuitive mobile Apps to interface with an intelligent data driven back-end engine. HUB360 has developed a disruptive suite of products (APPS & Desktop environments) which are transformative for businesses in the Manufacturing / Construction Industry resulting in significant cost savings through the use of smart apps, optimisation, and automation

Company Name: Superfy

HQ: Dublin

Overview: Superfy delivers sustainable smart resource management solutions through technology, empowering enterprises and connecting cities. Our circular economy solutions cover sustainability, waste, recycling, operations, workforce and fleet management. The Superfy platform tracks and monitors operational impact to drive efficiency, enhance operational performance, reduce CO2 emissions and meet your ESG reporting requirements

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