13 Jul 2022

On June 25th 2022, Professor Christine Domegan of the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) gave a keynote speech at the 5th European Social Marketing Conference held in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The event brought together practitioners, academics, policy makers, researchers and industry experts to explore new ideas and social interventions that may help to solve societal problems.

Christine discussed her award-winning paper 'The Next Normal for Marketing — The Dynamics of a Pandemic, Provisioning Systems, and the Changing Patterns of Daily Life.' She then presented its application to the EU LIFE IP Peatlands and People as a case study. 120 behaviour change experts from Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and America were in attendance.

Christine also ran a Causal Loop Diagrams workshop with 25 participants and used the project as an example to explore the complexity behind climate change mitigation endeavours.

At NUIG, Christine's research interests focus on critical issues of sustainability, climate action and systems transformation. In the Peatlands and People project, NUIG lead the activities under Pillar 3, the People's Discovery Visitor Experience. They also provide expertise in stakeholder engagement and how to bring about behaviour change across the other pillars.