12 Sep 2022

On the 8th September 2022, the European Commission published its Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) Country Report for Ireland 2022. LIFE IP Peatlands and People was mentioned in the report as an example of positive action that Ireland is taking to restore degraded blanket and raised bogs in the midlands.

In previous EIRs, the Commission highlighted four main challenges facing Ireland in its implementation of EU environmental policy and law. One of the main challenges previously outlined was the necessity to further protect raised and blanket bog habitats.

The Commission highlighted that although there are still concerns about the conservation of raised and blanket bogs designated as special areas of conservation (SACs), Ireland has made significant progress by drawing up a national peatlands strategy and national raised-bog SAC management plan. It has also improved the protection of raised-bog sites and blanket-bog sites and has begun to restore the former, in particular through several LIFE projects.

Speaking about Peatlands and People in detail, the Commission said that the project "will significantly restore and rehabilitate peatlands in Ireland's midlands, bringing together best practices, as well as monitoring and analysing carbon storage in the peatlands."

Read the full report from the EC .

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