26 Jan 2024

Yesterday, January 24, 2024, Bord na Móna launched Accelerate Green Grow 2024 programme at its headquarters in Boora, Co. Offaly. Supported by Resolve Partners and LIFE Peatlands and People, Accelerate Green has successfully guided two cohorts through its programs in 2022, and a third through its programme in 2023, serving as the economic catalyst for the project and advancing a fair transition in Ireland.

Meet the eight companies that constitute the 4th Cohort taking part in Accelerate Green Grow 2024.

Company name: ACEL Energy

HQ: Monaghan

Overview: Specialising in sustainable energy solutions, ACEL Energy conducts comprehensive site assessments and meticulous planning, focusing on the installation of cutting-edge Solar Photovoltaic technology.

Company name: Konree Innovation

HQ: Galway

Overview: Pioneering aquaculture technology, Konree Innovation aims to accelerate the transition to low carbon footprint animal protein. Their focus includes groundbreaking technology for fish health and welfare, addressing issues like sea lice.

Company name: Weev

HQ: Northern Ireland

Overview: Weev is dedicated to building the charging infrastructure necessary for the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Their integrated portfolio encompasses hardware, cloud services, and support, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses and drivers.

Company name: IO/Agri

HQ: Cavan

Overview: IO/Agri provides solution-based services to eliminate and control emissions from animal breeding units, promoting sustainable farming practices and enhancing animal welfare.

Company name: Affinity EV

HQ: Galway

Overview: Affinity EV's Multisided Digital Platform connects all stakeholders in the EV sector through a single touch point. As a leading Automotive/Energy Tech company, they are dedicated to simplifying the customer transition to electric transportation.

Company name: Universal Graphics Branding

HQ: Monaghan

Overview: With over 25 years of experience, Universal Graphics designs, prints, and installs fleet graphics, signage, and interior branding for renowned brands, contributing to a sustainable and visually impactful environment.

Company name: Voltclub Renewables

HQ: Dublin

Overview: Voltclub's platform aggregates buyers and sellers of renewable energy, creating a real-time marketplace for businesses to procure directly from wind and solar farms, streamlining the procurement process.

Company name: Somatech

HQ: Monaghan

Overview: Addressing key sustainability issues in the food industry, Somatech brings the ancient technique of Solid-State Fermentation to the modern era. They enable food companies to create tasty, healthy ingredients with a positive impact on both people and the planet.