07 Nov 2021

The Climate Action Plan 2021 provides a detailed plan for taking decisive action to achieve a 51% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and setting us on a path to reach net-zero emissions by no later than 2050, as committed to in the Programme for Government and set out in the Climate Act 2021.

It will put Ireland on a more sustainable path; cut emissions; create a cleaner, greener economy and society; and protect us from the devastating consequences of climate change. It is a huge opportunity to create new jobs and grow businesses in areas like offshore wind; cutting-edge agriculture; and retrofitting, making our homes warmer and safer.

The Climate Action Plan was first developed in 2019, with the latest update in 2021.

In addition to directly restoring peatlands, Peatlands and People aims to build cohesive evidence-based resolutions whilst ensuring that our communities embrace the just transition, and can deliver on the long-term implementation of the full Climate Action Plan.

The project is committed to supporting the long-term implementation of the full 2019 Climate Action Plan by:

  • Stimulating action relating to the decarbonisation strategy across many sectors.
  • Influencing best practices in climate action and land use across Ireland.
  • Building capacity and understanding in landowners, farmers and foresters.
  • Supporting mandate bodies in achieving a just transition in the midlands.

Peatlands and People is working to align its activities and targets with each update of the Plan.