23 Nov 2022

A recently funded project, called WET-PEAT (‘Re-wetting of peatlands for enhanced restoration’), will support the work of Bord na Móna in their restoration of over 33,000 hectares of peatlands, part of which is being restored under the LIFE Integrated Project Peatlands and People. WET-PEAT comprises researchers from the University of Galway and Trinity College Dublin.

WET-PEAT will apply state-of-the-art modelling techniques to a representative selection of Ireland’s peatlands to provide additional insight into how restoration measures may be enhanced. In order to do this, the WET-PEAT project partners (working closely with Bord na Móna and other researchers across Ireland) will use a mixture of on-site measurements of water quality and flow, and remote sensing, to monitor bogs before and after restoration work.

The project is currently selecting peatlands that are representative of different restoration techniques and local geology. Over the duration of the project, a series of project updates will be published on the P&P website.

To stay updated with the WET-PEAT project, you can visit their website, or follow the project on Twitter.