18 Mar 2021

In line with Bord na Móna’s accelerated decarbonisation strategy, and the availability of government funding, the company has also committed to ambitious enhanced peatland decommissioning, rehabilitation and restoration measures, targeting circa 33,000 hectares in over 80 Bord na Móna bogs.

This strategy has been developed to optimise ecosystem service benefits of peatland rehabilitation and restoration, particularly carbon storage and reducing carbon emissions. In addition, this will also benefit biodiversity and water (water quality and catchment management), as well as providing space for local communities and people to enjoy the outdoors.

The Peatlands Climate Action Scheme will work in complement with Peatlands and People, but on a much faster timescale. The timeline for the scheme is 2021 to 2025. Bord na Móna also have 90 years’ experience of peatlands management and 40 years’ experience in peatlands rehabilitation.

For questions, please see: https://www.bnmpcas.ie/queries-and-faqs/

If you have further concerns in regards to peatlands rewetting, particularly as a farmer, please see: https://www.ifa.ie/rewetting-bogs-a-farmer-discussion/ whereby a discussion was held with the Irish Farmers Association, regarding the PCAS scheme.

Peatlands and People will be working closely to complement the PCAS project. To contact the PCAS Community Liaison Officer see: https://www.bnmpcas.ie/contact-us/