Every effort has been made to include ongoing projects and initiatives around Ireland and abroad relating to Ireland's peatlands and environment. Please contact us to be added to this article.

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan - One third of our bee species are threatened with extinction from Ireland. This is because we have drastically reduced the amount of food (flowers) and safe nesting sites in our landscapes. The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is about all of us, from farmers to local authorities, to schools, gardeners and businesses, coming together to try to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive. The first Plan covered the period 2015-2020 and a new version has been developed for 2021-2025.

The CANN Project - Protecting habitats and species across NI, RoI and Scotland in partnership with local agencies and communities . Supported by INTERREG VA.

Care-Peat - an Interreg project with nine partners working together to reduce carbon emissions and restore the carbon storage capacity of different types of peatlands in North-West Europe.

FarmPEAT Project - The FarmPEAT Project is a European Innovation Partnership (EIP) promoting sustainable management of peat soils in the Irish Midland raised bog landscape.

Girley Bog Natural Heritage Area - Girley Bog Meitheal is a community-based group working in partnership with organisations involved in the conservation & management of Girley Bog.

INCASE Research Project - INCASE, combines the skills of natural scientists, economists and statisticians to account for nature's benefits to people so that we can take stock of what we have in a way that helps everyone to better understand nature's importance, and to manage it in a more sustainable way.

Ireland’s National Peatlands Strategy - As part of the Government decision of April 2011 it was decided that a Peatlands Strategy would be prepared to guide the Government's approach to peatlands management and conservation in the future, taking into account current and potential uses of this key resource. The report itself was published in 2015, with several progress reports published since then.

The Irish Breeding Curlew EIP - Working closely with the farming community, developing and trialling new and innovative approaches to stem the decline of the Irish breeding Curlew population.

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - IPCC is an independent conservation organisation. Founded in 1982 the IPCC has run hundreds of projects involving thousands of people to conserve peatland heritage all over Ireland. IPCC’s mission is to conserve a representative sample of the peatlands of Ireland for people to enjoy now and in the future.

LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature - a 9-year EU-funded LIFE Integrated Project, will work with farmers, local communities and land owners to add value to the wide range of services provided from our Special Area of Conservation (SAC) network of blanket bogs and associated areas. These peatlands provide clean drinking water, store carbon, support biodiversity, produce high quality food and support resilient rural economies and livelihoods through farming, tourism, recreation and other activities. As part of the project, a pilot voluntary Results Based Payment Scheme (RBPS) will be linked to the quality of the habitat, thereby putting landowners and their skills, expertise and knowledge of their land central to the development of this project.

The Living Bog - Raised Bog Restoration Project (LIFE14 NAT/IE/000032) is currently underway at 12 bogs across 7 counties, thanks to EU LIFE Nature & Biodiversity funding and further assistance from the Dept of Housing, Heritage and Local Government- and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Restoration work on these Natura 2000 sites will improve over 2,600 hectares of threatened raised bog habitat – the equivalent of over 7,000 Croke Parks and 18% of the national high bog area.

Pearl Mussel Project - The freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) is a mussel species of clean rivers that is on the verge of extinction in Ireland and western Europe due to intensification of land use. The Pearl Mussel Project (PMP) is a locally led European Innovation Partnership (EIP) whereby local farmers, researchers, and advisors are working together to develop a programme to ensure long term coexistence of farming and freshwater pearl mussel in eight priority catchment areas in the west of Ireland.

PeAT Lakes Project - This EPA funded research project aims to develop practical methods & assessment tools for characterising oligotrophic (3110 & 3160) lakes.

PCASIn line with Bord na Móna’s accelerated decarbonisation strategy, and the availability of government funding, the company has also committed to ambitious enhanced peatland decommissioning, rehabilitation and restoration measures, targeting circa 33,000 hectares in over 80 Bord na Móna bogs.

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