The EPA is seeking proposals from the research community to help identify solutions to climate change and other emerging and complex environmental problems. Some of these calls have opportunities available for researchers to contribute to and work with the Peatlands and People project.

There is a large-scale project available under the topic "Water quality improvements arising from the enhanced restoration".

The Peatlands and People project is working to restore peatlands in Ireland's midlands, alongside significant state investment in a large-scale project related to peatlands restoration. It will be the largest wetland restoration project ever undertaken in the EU and naturally has significant potential to address climate and biodiversity ambitions nationally. It is expected that there will be significant water quality benefits with ammonia, dissolved organic carbon and sediment losses from peatlands greatly reduced. Approximately 28,000 ha of former cutover and cutaway peatlands are included in the restoration and rehabilitation schemes with a further 5,000ha that are currently undergoing restoration/rehabilitation

The call closes on 14 July 2021.

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