The next ten years are critical if we are to address the climate and biodiversity crisis which threatens our safe future on this planet. The Government is preparing the next Climate Action Plan, which will set out actions that must be taken to ensure we achieve the 2030 targets, prepare for climate neutrality no later than 2050, and make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change. As with the Climate Action Plan 2019, the new plan will have a strong focus on implementation, including actions with specific timelines and steps needed to achieve each action, assigning clear lines of responsibility for delivery.

Consultations are open to consider the cross-sectoral and sectoral implications of the overall increase in climate ambition, and to set out proposals for additional policies and measures across sectoral areas, including estimations of the associated greenhouse gas emissions reductions and/or increased resilience to the locked-in climate change impacts.

In addition to completing a questionnaire, the Government would also like to hear your evidence-based views grounded in a comprehensive cross-sectoral perspective on the changes required to meet Ireland’s 2030 and 2050 climate ambition, including in relation to key systemic choices.

This consultation is open until 18 May 2021 and submissions can be made through the online consultation platform.

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